Catch a glimpse of the action from Wednesday, September 26th including the Men's ITT. Innsbruck Innsbruck 2018 UCI Worlds Short Lap Distanz: 23.7 km Höhenmeter: 494 m Achterbahn 47.3 km 988.2 m Innsbruckring 8.9 km 76.9 m Lutscher 24.1 km 827.5 m Lutscher CCW 22 km 825.8 m Das sind die offiziellen Bezeichnungen der Zwift Strecken auf dem WM Kurs in Innsbruck Weitere Welten haben folgende (Original)-Daten: […] 6 Share Twitter Email Link Embed Map; Mar 09, '19, 01:22AM Zwift - Innsbruck. VISIT THE ZWIFT CLUBHAUS. Bologna TT Lap.

Innsbruck KOM Reverse.

The Lutscher route in the Zwift Innsbruck world is a brutal climb. With structured workouts and social group rides. Rankings . Yorkshire KOM Forward. See other rides. Signup Now.

Plan your own routes ... And then, log your rides and watch your progress. And NY often just feels like two routes: ground or air. Watopia gives the Zwift team a lot of creative license, and the 30 routes in Zwift demonstrate some of that creativity. Only a month on from the Richmond refresh and we’re back to the London/NY heavy scheduling, with a meager 3 days of Richmond. iOS and Android compatible. Watopia is a course in Zwift. On the other hand, Zwift also offers several worlds that are based on real places - Innsbruck, London, New York, Richmond, and Yorkshire. Innsbruck UCI Lap. Innsbruck Sprint Forward. I get that there are not a ton of different routes in Richmond, Innsbruck, and Yorkshire, but the other two don’t really have a ton of roads, either. Smash your goals and compete with others around the world. The downloads for ZwiftMap have been offline for some time but are back with support for the new Innsbruck map.. Get the latest version (1.3.1) at the ZwiftMap page.. Zwift (the company) has requested that all third party developers / Zwift hackers / community Zwift coders refrain from using the APIs which can be used to obtain personal data about Zwifters. The downloads for ZwiftMap have been offline for some time but are back with support for the new Innsbruck map. Innsbruck KOM Forward. The name Lutscher means lolypop which is exactly the route you take on this route… Filter Days to show 1 3 7. The Zwift Clubhaus is just steps away from the 2018 UCI World Championship finish line.

While the geography of Watopia is loosely based on a pair of islands in the Pacific Ocean, many features of the location are largely fictionalized, making it the only Zwift course not modelled after a real-world location.

It is the oldest available course in Zwift, and the one most often in active use on the Zwift course schedule. Results . Trusted by the pros. We’re celebrating the Innsbruck-Tirol UCI Road World Championships with several Zwift events at the Zwift Clubhaus, steps away from the finish line. Get the latest version (1.3.1) at the ZwiftMap page. Zwift is virtual training for running and cycling. Zwift … Try free for 7 days. Innsbruck Sprint Reverse. Please update your Zwift ID on the connection page to complete registration.