Statue of blinded soldiers commemorating the end of WWI to be unveiled in Manchester Date 25 August 2018 00:01 It was announced today that a new statue commemorating the end of the First World War will be unveiled in Manchester this October. Ww1 Soldiers Wwi World War One First World Anna Coleman London Bombings Black Watches Iconic Photos Vietnam War. Home from the war: what happened to disabled First World War veterans The terrible global human cost of the First World War was an estimated 9.5 million dead and 20 million injured. Text announces a Christmas exhibit to benefit war invalids, particularly the blind. The statue, of seven blinded First World War soldiers, will be permanently placed outside Manchester Piccadilly Station as a memorial to the injured of that conflict. Follow. World War One - Blind Veterans UK Collection by Blind Veterans UK.

Poster shows a blind soldier being led by a soldier with his arm in a sling. It depicts the aftermath of a mustard gas attack during the First World War , with a line of wounded soldiers walking towards a dressing station . In Britain alone, almost one million soldiers, sailors and airmen had been killed. Gassed is a very large oil painting completed in March 1919 by John Singer Sargent. The exhibit is sponsored by the Social Society of … 53 Pins • 396 followers A collection of Word War One era images providing an engrossing insight into the history of Blind Veteran's UK (previously St Dunstan's) during the war years. In 1914 St. Dunstan’s Hostel for Blind Soldiers and Sailors was founded by Sir Arthur Pearson, author of Victory Over Blindness. The idea was to provide a hostel where ex-servicemen would go after they had received hospital treatment to ‘learn to be blind’.

Standing: French Farmer, Polish Farmer, looking over his shoulder a blind professor, refugee from Arras, then a Lieutenant; next the sister of the blind man (on the right of the "Gardienne du Phare. A year later it moved to a property in Regent’s Park.