It is that time of the year again! Posted by. If you are an old-school Dota 2 player, you probably remember the days when we had Diretide. 9 comments. Side shop is the worst thing that happened to Dota 2 and Battlepass. every single game i play, i get feeders on team who always runs to pick carry and game is ruen.

Nothing happened, just old Battle.Net got really old and crappy, eventually people started playing DotA 2, some fans went for LoL, some to Heroes of Newereth. What happened to dota 1? Complaint. What happened with Dota 2? Discussion From last 3 weeks, all I see is people babyraging and giving up or quitting at 15-20 min marks, when the team is at like 3k-4k behind. This event was held two years in a row (2012 and 2013) and it was one of the best custom modes in Dota 2. I've been playing this game for more than 8 years now and for some reason I got nostalgic about the old WC3 dota. Complaint. Each time I try to enter it, I'm told that the site might want to instal malware on my pc, but this security message never came before, nor did … Just wanted to know if dota 1 is still being updated, if people still play it competitively etc. Discussion. i was playing dota 2 for a long time.. than i was away from the game for about 1 year. 80% of my games are the same, one guy loses his shit either in my team … Hey guys. I'm just really confused and hope that perhaps someone here would be able to explain to me what happened to Dota, or if I'm doing something wrong. Side shop is the worst thing that happened to Dota 2 and Battlepass. This will probably be a long read and I would try to not turn it into a massive rant. Close. Like seriously what’s the point of “Random Arcana” for 25 blue coins which … hello all. The whole checking for updates and lan games + garena. 7 days ago. now i see many changes applied wich is ok. main reason why im wriiting this is abt Valve, how did they create Finding Game and on what principles is it working. 2.9k. Halloween just came to an end and sadly, we didn’t receive anything special in Dota 2. What happened with the site? What has happened to dota ( or the players ) ?