by 1 shot i mean 1 burst, but you get it. I'm working on my teams build, and i'm thinking of including a heavy weapons character. agreed that sniper and assault rifle are BY FAR the two best weapon classes, but i've been doing pretty good against groups with my shotgun (i'm at the citadel now and i can do about 1/4 damage to each enemy i hit with it) and i have a minigun on one guy who nearly 1 shots everyone. This page lists all Wasteland 2 weapons.If you're looking for weapon modifications this article will help.. Stripping and modifying weapons requires Weaponsmithing.All weapon mods are considered rare items and theoretically stack in fives. And how exactly should the build of a heavy weapons character be? Is there enough ammo in shops or as loot? so far, this is what I've got. If you're looking for weapons from the original game, this article will help. What You Should Know – These weapons have pretty insane critical multiplier which makes them quite useful. Are heavy weapons easy enough to find, and can they deal adequate damage? This tier 6-2 weapon has AP of 5, crit 2.9x, damage range of 55-75, and costs $1250. In your Steam games library find the entry for Wasteland 2 Directors Cut. List of Wasteland 2 weapons Build 42098 (unless noted) This page has information from the Wasteland 2 Beta and may not be accurate with the commercially available version. Mutant girl comes with energy weapons, but I started giving her some pistol skill as a back up, added energy weapon skill to others prior to LA as back up. Wasteland 2 weapon modifications are upgrades for the various weapons the Rangers find in the wasteland. The last option on that page should say "Verify the Intergrity of Game Files" or something along those lines. You can tell on Bowling to captain Mercaptain, who throws him into Prison.You can then visit him there, and he will ask you to take a letter to his sister Kathy at the Rail Nomad Camp. Right-click it and select "Properties." But, I'm concerned because most games severely restrict heavy weapons. In the properties window select the "Local Files" tab. List of Wasteland weapons Firearms AT Weapons & Explosives Energy Weapons Melee Weapons Semi-Auto weapons always fire one shot at a time, but continually fire as long as there's ammo in the magazine (or in the case of Demolitions weapons, as long as there are Grenades, TNTs or Plastic explosives in your inventory to keep going. Inside the Citadel, you can find Robert Bowling, who offers hand-made weapons for sale.Although the statistics and the prices seem tantalizing, their actual combat value nears zero, due to constant jamming. It's good to have a variety of ammo types, but all the top tier weapons end up using 7.52mm anyway (which is more scarce in Arizona). Thats the … They can be bought from shops or created by field stripping weapons.