I read the patch notes when PoE came out for PS4, and it said that day in Cetus lasts 100 minutes and night lasts 50.

It may not be 100% percent accurate please tell me if you get a false time (Only tested on EU). Invasions. You can find the clock here. On the Warframe Market you can sell and buy: Parts, Mods, Blueprints, Relics, Riven mods and other stuff | Now we have riven auctions ! Keep up with alerts, invasions, sorties and ongoing activities on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch.

The Warframe Hub project is committed to open source. Hey Guys, I made a Clock to see Day in Night time and the Time in Cetus/Plains of eidolon. Concepted and Crafted by MainlandHero with contributions from others on the Warframe Community Developers team, especially the work of Tithen-Firion. We're sorry but Warframe Hub doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. I also added a feature to get the Time in your Twitch Stream with Nightbot. This project is licensed and distributed under Apache License 2.0 No alerts at this time. Please enable it to continue. That’s just under two hours for day, and just under one for night. Earth Day/Night Cycle. Cycles are 4 hours each. SnipetronVandalBlueprint: Cinxia (Ceres) ... Cetus Day/Night Cycle. Got it! Set up notifications to never miss valuable rewards. ... Invasion/Alerts/Sale/Dark Sectors tracker for Warframe (PS4).