I'm pretty scared to download it, safe or not, since I don't know if the trojan viruses it has is good or not. So, over the last two days, every time I tried to open THUG Pro, it would crash just a few seconds on the loading screen, making it impossible to get to the main menu. ... Norton ran a scan on it and came up with Trojan files on it. THUG Pro (Tony Hawk's Underground: Pro) is a total conversion mod of Tony Hawk's Underground 2, using its gameplay as the basis for an all-encompassing collection of levels from every original Neversoft game in the series for use in single-player and online multiplayer gameplay.. Our project is a non-profit community mod for the game Tony Hawk's Underground 2. I tried uninstalling it and re-installing it twice and it still didn't fix. We are proud to unveil our THUG Pro homepage to provide resources to get you playing THUG Pro and keep you updated on mod development! PS4 : THUG PRO BD GAMING GR. ... How I Play + My Setup (w/ Controller Cam) - THUG Pro - Duration: 11:11. Loading... Unsubscribe from BD GAMING GR? ran malwarebytes after and it flagged it as malware. The THUG Pro Hub 9,466 views. Posted by the THUG Pro Team 4 years ago. Downloaded thug pro from the direct website like I have in the past. On top of that, my anti-virus would detect some files of the game as "trojan". level 1.