I'm waiting for games after Sword and Shield and seeing if they might have a more complete pokédex. 43769419.

Putting aside the drama for a second (because I haven't followed any of it) as a casual fan who's played a couple of pokemon games in the past, should I buy the new one? RW 06/04/20(Thu)04:15:22 No.

I don't really care about a smaller pokedex, or a few of the other issues people take with the new games. As with most mainline Pokémon games, Sword …

Pokemon Sword and Shield are out now on Nintendo Switch, marking the start of the series' eighth generation. Bundled up: Pokémon Sword & Shield Double Pack ($120 at Amazon) Unsheathe your sword: Pokémon Sword ($60 at Amazon) Take up your shield: Pokémon Shield ($60 at Amazon) Subscribe to … Pokemon Sword & Shield have many Version exclusives, today we'll be going over pro-order bonuses, the new wild area map leak and more! Which ver will you buy? I think we’ve hit the big things, except the legendaries for which my rule is always: pick the one that looks less dumb. With our current knowledge as of today, you will be just fine with one version, well, that is a choice only you can make comparing what both have to offer, so here’s a global recap for both Sword and Shield: Pokémon Sword and Shield are finally here, which begs the eternal question that comes with every Pokémon release: which version should you buy?. Well, yes and no.


Regardless of which version you … Hi anons, I bought a Nintendo Switch and I am trying to decide whether I should buy Pokemon Shield or Sword.

I will say that these are among the best Pokemon titles to ever come out, and I've played every main line pokemon game to date.

Which one do you guys recommend and why? For Nintendo Switch on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Pokemon Sword or Shield?

I also don't feel pressured to buy early at all, the games won't be fully supported until Home is out anyway, and we still have no idea how Home will interact with multiple accounts on the same Switch. 43769411.

Natalie: Ha!

The question here is, SHOULD YOU BUY BOTH?

>> Anonymous 06/04/20(Thu)04:16:36 No. Discussion. Should I buy Sword and Shield?

Best answer: No, the Pokémon Sword & Shield Double Pack isn't worth it simply because it costs the same amount if you purchased them separately, and it does not contain any bonuses for buying them together. Sword has a Rock-type leader and Shield has an Ice-type leader. Neither for now.

Should I buy pokemon Sword or Shield?