The Pros of Living in New Zealand Cheaper Rent. Some cons to living in New Zealand are: It’s pretty isolated. Overall Dunedin has its pros and cons just like any city. The biggest con about Dunedin in my opinion would be if you like hot summers. It may sound cliche, but living in New Zealand often feels like living in a gallery full of beautiful (Instagram) pictures. Dunedin is a lovely city. Expect the best, but be prepared for the worst! But there are some reasons it may not be the best fit for you. Living in Dunedin: Pros and Cons With its laidback locals, historical architecture, and booming café culture, Dunedin is fast becoming one of the coolest little cities in New Zealand. However, like all cities there are pros and cons. Today it's 17°C with very good air quality (4 µg/m3).. See cost of living, internet speed, weather and other metrics about New Zealand as a place to work remotely for digital nomads. Dunedin costs $2,907 per month to live and work remotely with 20 mbps internet speed, is a okay place for digital nomads to live. New Zealand’s Pros and Cons – 49 Shades of Life New Zealand The city is home to New Zealand’s only covered multi-use sports and entertainment stadium, drawing in world class musical, sporting and social events. But, I think the rent here in NZ is reasonable and fair.

The pros: New Zealand really is picture-perfect. With every kind of natural landscape found in a country roughly the same size as the United Kingdom, you don’t have to travel far to find breath-taking beauty. Long story short Dunedin is great for people that like cooler climates, older people that want a slower pace of life and raising a family when your children are young keeping in mind your children will probably end up moving out of the city. Newcomers share their 'best and worst things' about life in New Zealand. New Zealand isn’t a huge island, and it’s really far from everything. There are many amazing reasons to call New Zealand home. Having been living in London in a shared house in Brixton, where I had a room in a 4 bed house and was paying 650 pounds a month, almost anywhere would probably seem cheap. One of the biggest pros for Dunedin is not being stuck in traffic. Cons of living in New Zealand. While there are plenty of reasons why moving to Dunedin is a no-brainer, you should also consider the downfalls of the city before relocating your life.