How to take night sky images with your phone. Night Modes (iOS) / ProCam (iOS) / Long Exposure Camera 2 (Android) / Night Camera (Android) Step 1 Trying to catch atmospheric effects such as haloes or arcs can prove tricky for your camera’s auto focus. Either include a distant horizon or, if your phone’s camera has focus control, use an app to set focus to infinity. Download these top 5 best apps and turn your smartphone into an astrophotography tool! The sky has a lot to offer, and every single night is absolutely unique.Cameras allow us to capture our skies in ways that are impossible for us to see them with the naked eye. Night mode in the iPhone 11 Camera app allows you to take better low light photos than ever before. With this app, you only need to enter the name or designation of an object, point the back camera at the sky, and the app will direct you to the object. You can then pinpoint specific stars, planets, satellites or constellations to figure out where you should be looking. Helpful apps. We recommend these best apps for night sky photography to optimize and enhance your experience and skill as an astronomer.

However, the free version comes with only a few objects in the database, but various in-app purchases will give you access to extended star catalogues and lists of artificial satellites. While the native camera app on your phone ... and the circular patterns you can produce will give a new perspective on the rhythms of the night sky. We recommend downloading the following seven apps for Milky Way photography, as they make life a whole lot easier when capturing the stars at night.

A reliable camera and processing software are two essential items in astrophotography, but now your smartphone can be a part of your success. Night mode uses in-camera software to create sharp, grain-free photos with amazing color and detail. The app uses your current location to show you the night sky as you will see it. They will help you to find the perfect weather, location, stars, time of day, and time of month for stunning Milky Way photography or night sky photography. In the example below, look at the color and detail that Night mode has captured in the sky.