Mirror Gallery sweeps broadly in its contradiction of the rule, removing it from the game entirely. The Rule of Law. 704.5j, 704.3, 704.4; compare with C.R. Adventure is a spell type, a subtype seen exclusively on instants and sorceries attached to creature cards in Throne of Eldraine.. 2018-04-27 If you control two permanents with the same name but only one is legendary, the “legend rule” doesn’t apply. Details It is usually reserved for iconic characters that appear in the storyline or powerful cards for balance purposes. 702.115. (This actually doesn't contradict any rule; indeed, there's one that anticipates handling playing a spell while something is resolving.) If there are exactly two permanents named Brothers Yamazaki on the battlefield, the "legend rule" doesn't apply to them. This is called the "legend rule." If only one of those permanents is legendary, this rule doesn't apply. Olivia Voldaren has three abilities.

10/4/2004: The Legend rule only applies to two legendary permanents with identical names. If the names are different, even if they depict the same character, the rule does not apply. If only one of those permanents is legendary, this rule doesn't apply. ... but they have different names, which means that the “legend rule” doesn't apply. You can choose to keep the On Serra’s Wings that enchants the creature you wish to keep. Legendary is a supertype that that can be found on various card types. In the Magic: The Gathering trading card game , a Legendary card or Legend is a card that represents a unique individual or thing with a specific name, rather than the generic, unnamed things that most cards represent., To know more about control effects and the legend rule … Legendary was first featured on the Legendary Lands of the Legends set. The Rule of Law. Magic: The Gathering is a collectable card game with extremely detailed, and at times, complex rules.. Card Number: 154.

The legend rule, like other state-based actions, happens only at discrete moments of the game (C.R. This is called the “legend rule.” If only one of those permanents is legendary, this rule doesn’t apply. 704.5k If two or more legendary permanents with the same name are on the battlefield, all are put into their owners' graveyards. Description [edit | edit source]. How would you then copy a creature, with out it becoming legendary? If only one of those permanents is legendary, this rule doesn't apply. And also you've been reading too much Hofstadter. The legend rule has changed. 2/1/2005: Mirror Gallery removes the “Legend rule” while it’s on the battlefield. However, only a basic understanding of the rules is necessary to play the game. Posted in Rules Magic The Gathering on November 21, 2016 – 10:14 pm Legend rule To know more about control impacts while the legend guideline we're going to meet up with the magnificent vampire Olivia Voldaren. NM 603.2), such as after a spell or ability on the stack resolves (C.R. The Command Zone 1,799,716 views 1:32:32 Myriad. December 9, 2011 2:51 p.m. 1 Doesn't Apply - There are two instances in Gatherer for the rules text, "doesn't apply:" Mirror Gallery, released in Betrayers of Kamigawa, and Brothers Yamazaki, released in Champions of Kamigawa.

Expansion: Betrayers of Kamigawa. Casting the Adventure half of a card represents sending the creature on an adventure before putting it onto the battlefield.