They can learn about snow leopards, explore Mars, and …

Yellowstone National Park Virtual Field Trip Mud Volcano, Mammoth Hot Springs, and so much more. 10. This Canadian site FarmFood 360 offers 11 Virtual Tours of farms from minks, pigs, and cows, to apples and eggs.

By combining and analyzing these photographs, scientists at NASA JPL have created a 3D model used to study Mars and plan future experiments.

See the Saturn 5 Rocket on YouTube and more on this tour thanks to a real father/son outing. Each video is a quick five minutes. Safe Travels!

Current offerings include Teaching with Testimony and NFL Play 60.

experiment. San Diego Zoo The San Diego Zoo has a website just for kids with amazing videos, activities, and games. Since our inaugural field trip on April 15, videos featuring the virtual field trip have been viewed over 2.5 million times and we have generated over 120 million impressions. Over 30 Virtual Field Trips with Links Click on colored text for links.

Access Mars lets you explore a 3D replica of the Martian surface, exactly as it was recorded by the Curiosity rover. Tour Yellowstone National Park! Enjoy the tour! Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips. U.S. Space and Rocket Museum in Huntsville, AL. As Curiosity has travelled across Mars, it’s taken digital photographs with two stereoscopic camera systems. Across the world, museums and educational institutions are offering children incredible virtual field trips. This virtual field trip from Great Lakes Now has three components: coastal wetlands, algae, and lake sturgeon. As NASA begins a new era of space exploration – returning to the Moon and eventually on to Mars – education in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects is increasingly important to the future of our nation’s space program. Discovery Education hosts a variety of virtual events —each with a companion guide with hands-on learning activities. Virtual Farm Tour. Discovery Education. Taking the literal shape of a classic yellow school bus, the vehicle is home to an immersive virtual experience that works to transport its passengers to the surface of the Red Planet. ‘Field Trip to Mars’ is the first-ever headset-free group virtual reality vehicle experience.