Ares is associated with Mars, the god of war in ancient Roman mythology. The ninja used such weapons as blowguns with poisoned darts, brass knuckles, and throwing devices. He was said to be physically strong, fierce, and handsome.

Encyclopædia Britannica. "Mars (deity)" . Judie Anderson/Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. ... Ares was associated with the Roman god Mars. There are not many myths about Ares. 760–761. Enough has been said to show why Mars should have become exclusively a god of war, even if the Roman state in its advance in the conquest of other peoples had not given a continual impulse to this aspect of the cult. In Chisholm, Hugh (ed.). Cronus was the youngest of the Titans, the children of Sky (Uranus) and Earth (Gaea). Son éloignement au Soleil est compris entre 1,381 et 1,666 UA (206,6 à 249,2 millions de kilomètres), avec une période orbitale de 669,58 jours martiens (686,71 jours terrestres). He was the lover of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who was married to Hephaestus, the lame god of the forge. Mars is the second smallest planet in the solar system, after Mercury. Mars (prononcé en français : /maʁs/) est la quatrième planète par ordre de distance croissante au Soleil et la deuxième par masse et par taille croissantes. Besides the Titans, Sky and Earth had other children, the Cyclopes and the Hundred-handers. Ares was the son of Zeus, the chief god, and his wife, Hera.

They were spies and fighters for Japanese rulers known as warlords. 17 (11th ed.). Never a very popular god, Ares was not widely worshipped.

His early importance led to Quirinus' inclusion in the Archaic Triad (the first Capitoline Triad), along with Mars (then an agriculture god) and Jupiter. Cariocecus, an Iberian war god syncretised with Mars; Mars, the planet; Nergal, the Babylonian god associated with the planet Mars in astral theology; Týr, the Norse god of war; References. 1. Mars’s diameter at the equator is 4,221 miles (6,792 kilometers), which is only slightly more than half the size of Earth’s. Mars’s lower density makes the planet only about a 10th as massive as … Ares was said to have loved Aphrodite , the goddess of love. For example, a myth of the Polynesian people tells that the god Io formed the world out of water and darkness. Over time, however, Quirinus became less significant, and he was absent from the later, more widely known triad (he and Mars … pp. People living in the cold lands of what is now northern Europe believed that the mist was created first. The martial art called ninjutsu used a wide variety of weapons. External links. Cambridge University Press. Fowler, William Warde (1911).

Ninjutsu is a Japanese word that means “fighting methods of the ninja.” The ninja were a secret group of highly trained martial artists.