Our core values are taken from the book of Romans in the Bible in which the writer describes how “perseverance produces character and character, hope”. Immanuel Schools' mission is to equip students to serve God and neighbor through mind, body, and soul, based on a Christ-centered foundation. At Immanuel College we provide a curriculum that meets the needs of all our students, creating opportunities and allowing for breadth of study. School Curriculum. The recommended steps for applying for a position at Immanuel Lutheran College are as follows: Step 1: Read the Advertisement; Carefully read the advertisement, as it will provide you with important information. This August 2019, Immanuel Primary featured on ABC’s BTN. Being part of Immanuel, opens the door to an eye-watering choice of extra-curricular and co-curricular opportunities that complement our academic programs. One of the features of Year 9 is the Immanuel Journey program which incorporates healthy rites of passage to prepare students for adulthood. For details of our curriculum, please click here. Primary . The work that has been provided is for guidance only, if you wish to follow your child’s timetable, that will give them some sort of structure, rotation of subjects will help them to remain engaged. It constantly seeks to ensure that learning is meaningful, developmental and purposeful.

Immanuel International Institute’s (III) vision is to equip believers in Christ, who desire to fulfill their ministry calling. Every student can develop their talents at Immanuel, whatever they may be, and still make their education a priority. For details of our curriculum policy (DRAFT), please click here. Related Core Works: Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals. 1724 CE – 1804 CE Kant spent his entire life in or near the German city of Königsberg in East-Prussia, far away from the European capitals such as London, Paris or Edinburgh. For additional information on the curriculum, please contact Emma Sey on 01274 425900. We serve families from many different church backgrounds and nations. Some of our I-WOW (Wipe Out Waste) students had the opportunity… Some of our I-WOW (Wipe Out … Work is now available on the Immanuel web page immanuel-study The main priority is for you and your child to remain safe. Immanuel School is an independent school – one of a number of ministries run by Immanuel – catering for 3 to 16-year-old pupils, with a distinctively Christian vision, ethos and value system. Innovation. Immanuel Kant. If you need to contact us, please use the following contact details and we will be in touch as soon as we can. The curriculum at Immanuel Lutheran College is dynamic, practical and ongoing. In the prime of their adolescence, with significant physical, social and emotional changes; the Immanuel Journey program supports them through this process.