But my leanin post is done left and gone. I'm wasting away Can't handle the pain I'm shattered to pieces, now there's nothing to say I tried to be strong, there's no holding on Baby, now I'm lost in the world alone!

I'm just dead to the world and I am programmed like you, and now I am gone. Anna Kendrick - Cups (Pitch Perfect’s When I’m Gone”) Lyrics. But now she has proven untrue She’s found a new love to treasure That’s why I’m walking round blue. Next thing I know, I'm consuming at the mall, and the whole wide world is giving me a call.

Lyrics to 'This Is Why I'm Hot' by MIMS.

Say, say, say, say round, let me hit ya right back Hot right now, the feds got my phone tap Can ya hear me, can ya hear me now? Blah, blah. There's no time now.

Now Im that bitch, Now Im that bitch, Now Im that bitch, and youre just a clown. Can't talk now. Now I'm gone. I dominate this school!

I'm everything you're not! And when I find me that river, lord I'm gonna pay the price, oh lord! I'm pretty, I'm cool! Now Im the chick, you wanna be with.

Now I'm gone. You passed me by, never looked twice. I'm goin down in it three times, but lord I'm only comin up twice. Now Im that bitch, Now Im that bitch, Now Im that bitch, yeah look at me now. 50 back around" That's Ja's little punk ass thinking out loud Southside till I die that's just how I get down I'm back in the game shorty to rule and conquer! You broke my heart when you loved me I’ve always counted on you But now you’ve strayed with another I'm gonna find me a river, one that's cold as ice. Now I'm lost in the world alone Baby now that you're gone, gone, gone! THE SUN: "I'm the center of the solar system, I'm so hot" The sun's like a lightbulb and I'm like a mirror Light bounces off me and then it appears To the Earth below for a lovely view For animals like wolves who go "Awhooooooo!"

Now that you're gone Now I'm screwed up in my mind Still thinking about you, yeah Say, say round, let me hit ya right back The boys all love to stare! I'm sitting at home and my televisions on. How Am I Doin' lyrics - Dierks Bentley (Writer X/Dierks Bentley) It's strange to hear your voice, I did not expect for you to call You wonder how I'm doin, how I'm holding up since you've been gone Well, how am I doing since you did, what you've done to me I can't lie, … I'm popular to boot! You sing for hoes and sound like the cookie monster. What are we gonna do now? I'm bitchin', great hair! Can ya hear me now? Shes long gone, and now I'm … This is why I'm hot This is why I'm hot Now I've gotta rap I can sell a mill Say you nothing on the track I represent New York I …

Lyrics to 'I'm Sexy, I'm Cute' by Bring It On: I'm sexy, I'm cute!

Can ya hear me now? How we gonna eat man? What's going on?