Hosmer Grove Campground.

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CAMPGROUNDS, CABINS, SPECIAL USE GROUPS. Maximum group size for … Here in the summit area, rain, cold temperatures, and wind are commonplace, so be sure to have everything you’ll need to ward off discomfort. Each person is limited to a maximum of three nights in the wilderness per month, camping and cabins combined, with no more than two nights at any site.

Hosmer Grove Campground, Haleakala Summit District. Located in the cloud belt of the Haleakala Summit …

Same area and date Another location near Hosmer Grove Campground, Maui County, Hawaii, US on Sat Mar 14, 2020. You can camp up to 3 nights per month in each of the two Haleakala campgrounds. Nighttime temperatures can drop into the to near freezing (0°C); daytime highs average 50-65°F (10-18°C).

Camp is on a grassy area next to shrub land, and the alien-like forest of Hosmer Grove. Named after one of the first foresters in the Hawaiian Islands, the area is reminiscent of a Northwest campground instead of a tropical one. Be prepared for rain and cold weather. Same area Another location near Hosmer Grove Campground, Maui County, Hawaii, US The campground has picnic tables, BBQ grills, drinking water, and pit toilets. It’s really …

The Hosmer Grove Campground lies on the way to the Haleakala Summit, just beyond the park entrance, while the Kipahulu Campground on the east side of Maui is accessible via the Road to Hana. Hosmer Grove Campground. Same location Hosmer Grove Campground, Maui County, Hawaii, US. This Campground lies in the cloud belt of Haleakalā, just below the 7,000-foot level (2134m) in the summit area. NATIONAL PARK SERVICE U.S. Department of the Interior. There is great birdwatching … Hosmer Grove Campground, Maui County, Hawaii, US on Sat Mar 14, 2020.

Set in the cooler and windier climes of Haleakala’s cloud belt, Hosmer Grove Campground is just below the 7,000 foot summit area.

Species of test planted firs, cedars, and pines surround most of the campground, and a nature walking path leads through the small …

Hosmer Grove Campground Hosmer Grove is a NPS campground located high on the mountainside of the Haleakala volcano. This is an excellent spot to get up for an early hike (you’ll likely be awakened by animal and bird noises), on the self-guided nature trail that begins and ends at the campground. Hosmer Grove lies in the cool- and sometimes very cold- region of Haleakala’s cloud belt, at just under 7,000 ft. 04 May 2020 at 10:00-12:00: Light rain showers, Temperature 12, 0.1 mm, Gentle breeze, 4 m/s from east In addition, a person may camp three nights per month in both Hosmer Grove and Kipahulu Campgrounds.