Fully simulated AH-64D Apache Longbow and Mi-28N Havoc B. an intense and absorbing atmosphere and super- fast speeds make the Apache Havoc an amazing flying experience. Full game title: Enemy Engaged: Apache vs Havoc. Try two fully simulated combat helicopters: the US AH64D Apache Longbow and Russian Mil-28N Havoc B.

Comparing the Boeing (Hughes) AH-64 Apache Dedicated Two-Seat Attack Helicopter against the Mil Mi-28 (Havoc) Dedicated Twin-Seat, Twin-Engine Attack Helicopter.

Unfortunately, it fails to deliver in the game play department. Apache Havoc touts itself as a war game and a helicopter flight simulator. This is where it falls apart. Enemy Engaged: Apache vs Havoc is a helicopter flight simulator game by Razorworks. An underlying, non-linear and constantly evolving conflict, fought by AI-controlled units. Name: Mil Mi-28 Boeing AH-64 Apache; Type: Attack helicopter: Attack helicopter: Origin: Russia: USA: Produced: 1982: 1983: Unit cost: 16 million $ (2002) 35.5 milion $ Full description: Description, operators: Description, operators: Specifications. The feeling of being just one cog in a big war machine. Mil Mi-28 and Boeing AH-64 Apache. Apache Havoc: Enemy Engaged is a game with killer graphics and amazing sound.

Enjoy three vast combat zones featuring countless missions and dynamic campaigns in highly detailed and articulated 3D models and authentic flight dynamics.