Which cheerleading stunt job is hardest? 7. Answer Save. ranking 1 to 3, 1 being hardest and 3 being easiest, which job is hardest? Every position in a stunt is very important. Includes questions about key terms, jumps, stunts, positions, and qualifications. Conquer The Hardest Cheerleading Poses With Patented Stunt Stand® Beneath You . Although physical attributes may play a part in what position you fill (bases tend to be taller and stronger), it is your skill and ability that is important. Anonymous. Time is limited, please hurry up! It is essential to ensure that all team-mates are in tip-top shape physically before they even begin to create a routine for competition, this is also to prevent injuries. we learned twist up elavators and quarter up elavators. Competitive is the hardest. Log in or Sign up. Stunting accounts for 42 to 60 percent of all cheerleading injuries. the hardest cheerleading stunt I have ever done.but we also had a shoulder stand on the center base with no back spot (all balance). Not only is cheer leading considered to be one of the hardest sports, but a recent study in the Journal of Pediatrics found that cheerleading is the most dangerous sport for females due to the high risk of severe injuries including concussions, broken bones, permanent disabilities and being paralyzed, and risk of injuries causing a shorter lifespan. hard.but the scariest is the superman!!! Discussion in 'Allstar Cheerleading' started by Cheerboy2015, Mar 8, 2011. Getting kinda obsessed with pinning cheer stuff. Test your knowledge of cheerleading 101. Teams that may have a new stunt at Worlds? that is pretty. What is the hardest cheerleading stunt? Wiki User 2009-12-03 03:29:48. i would say one of the hardest is the wolf wall. Base, Backspot or Flyer. In addition, 96 percent of concussions and head injuries in cheerleading are caused by stunts. 10 Reasons Cheerleading Is One Of The Hardest Sports In The US ... One missed tumbling pass or failed stunt can result in the difference between first and last place during a competition. Joined: Nov 28, 2010 Messages: 59 Shimmys Received: 38. Who do you think has the hardest … The base in cheerleading serves as the foundation of the stunt. This is when you and your team do all of the cheer elements in a 2-3 minute rutine on a large stage. When I was a competitive cheerleader, I was either main base or secondary base. Relevance. 5 Answers. Forums > Fierce Board > Cheerleading > Allstar Cheerleading > Hardest Stunts? #cheer. Most of the people I cheer with are my besties but most of my best friends are flyers. Favorite Answer.

Look out for amazing deals at your nearest Sports & Outdoors by using this limited time Stunt Stand. well i'm an 8th grade cheerleader and i just got home from camp for the day. The positions of stunts are flyer, main base, secondary base, back spot, and front spot. 1 decade ago. It’s no surprise that stunting causes the most serious injuries in cheerleading. If you would like this superior offer for June: Conquer the hardest cheerleading poses with patented Stunt Stand® beneath you, why not bargaining at Stunt Stand? A flyer is the cheerleader that is on top of the stunt; he or she is who the judges mainly look at when a team is competing. Stunt restrictions. Without bases, the flyer wouldn't go up, as it's the base's job to lift or throw the flyer. Fierce Board - The Voice Of Cheer. And well-rounded cheerleaders can step in wherever they're needed. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Cheerboy2015 Cheer Stalker. I Was just curious for others opinions. what's a wolf wall? There are 2 different types of cheerleading.