Total views: 374: Daily views: 0: About. 'Gul and Gulzar') is a 2019 Pakistani television series created by Humayun Saeed and Shahzad Nasib under their production house Six Sigma Plus.It focuses on the life of two best friends turned enemies; Gul and Gulzar played by Saboor Aly and Kinza Hashmi respectively. Gul o Gulzar Episode 2 is a story of two friends Gul and Gulzar, who have a socially and financially different background.

Gul belongs to a poor family whose parents barely earn anything to run the house and cope up for her study expenses. In Gul o Gulzar Episode 1, Gul and Gulzar are childhood friends. Gul o Gulzar Episode 4 Review. Gul is able to manipulate her naïve friend on many occasions and intends to marry her brother Afaq who is about to leave for Canada after getting a scholarship. Gul-o-Gulzar (Urdu: گل و گلزار ‎, lit. True friendship is a blessing and Gul-o-Gulzar is a story of two friends who are very close to each other. She has affairs with guys and wishes to marry someone rich—particularly, Gulzar’s brother who is going to Canada. Let’s move on to Gul-o-Gulzar Drama Episode 4.

In college, Gul is friend with a simple and studious girl; Gulzar who aspires to become a doctor. 3 Out Of 5.

But unfortunately, Gul’s envious nature destroys their bond completely. Gul o Gulzar is an upcoming serial on ARY Digital starring Saboor Aly, Kinza Hashmi and Omar Shahzad in the lead..

‘Gul o Gulzar’ story is getting interesting day by day and we can’t wait to see what plan does Gul has in upcoming episodes! Saboor Aly as Gul is a manipulative and envious girl, who belongs to a poverty-stricken family and wants to get married to a … Written by Hassan Umar, the teasers of Gul o Gulzar reveal that it is going be an interesting story following the lives of two girls as one of them will rebel against her fate. Things do not go according to Gul’s plan since Afaq rejects Gul’s advancements and marries another girl. Our rating. In the last episode, Gul was very shocked after knowing about Affaq engagement. She is thinking very negatively thinking about Gulzar.

Gulzar’s father is a bit well-establish, but both brother and sister are well-groom and intelligent. User's rating. In the first episode of Gul O Gulzar, we learn about the personalities of both the titular characters. The serial airs every Thursday evenings on ARY Digital. She is thinking that she belongs to a poor family, that’s why Gulzar doesn’t want that Affaq marries me. She acts smartly by asking Gulzar to wear the earing and takes her pictures. Date: Jul 4, 2019: Categories: Gul o Gulzar, Pakistani Drama. The poor circumstances of Gul has made her quite insensitive, clever, and man-hunting kind of a woman. Gulzar (saboor aly) is a naive … Her elder brother has won a scholarship to study in Canada. Gul-o-Gulzar drama episode 4 review. Overview: Gul continues to meet Adil, and attends a dinner at Afaaq’s fiancé’s house.