He was sent back to the colonies to serve as a lieutenant-general for the British. The film follows the story of Benjamin Martin, who reluctantly joins the American Revolution in order to save his family. Benjamin Martin (born 1732) was an American politician and soldier who was best-known as the legendary "Ghost" during the American Revolutionary War.During the war, Martin led a colonial militia force in a guerrilla war against the British Army in his home state of South Carolina, tying down Charles Cornwallis' army until the French could arrive to support George Washington's army in the north. The Patriot is a magnificent and compelling Revolutionary War epic. Lieutenant General Cornwallis: [To O'Hara] Arrange the exchange. Cornwallis was in Charlotte when the defeat of Major Ferguson at King's Mtn sent shock waves through the British army. What is the significance of the discussion between Gabriel and the former slave? The British general that surrendered to the Patriots and French forces was General Charles Cornwallis. Charles Cornwallis served under the name Gen. William Howe at the Battle of Long Island, New Jersey campaigns, and the British victory in the battle of Brandywine. 7. Charles Cornwallis is known as one of the best British generals who lost the American colonies. The Patriot (2000 film) From Wikiquote. There they joined General Washington in trapping Cornwallis against the sea. Directed by Roland Emmerich. 11. The real general whose victory against Cornwallis won the war, following the siege of Yorktown, was some bloke called George Washington. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. 4:he had someone else raise the white flag because he was too ashamed to do it himself French troops also joined the ranks of: General Benjamin Lincoln, General Baron von Steuben, General Modecai Gist, General Henry Knox, and General John Peter Muhlenberg. Here, all he gets is a passing mention. However, it is a locally accepted (and well documented) fact that it was occupied as the headquarters of British General Lord Cornwallis during the "winter of discontent", Oct. 1780- Jan. 1781. 2:uh. In Lieutenant General Cornwallis: Colonel, imagine the utter chaos that would follow from leaderless armies having at each other. Cornwallis also wants the Patriot troops to fight fair when in battle rather than targeting specific British officers using guerilla tactics. This is blatantly false. What does Benjamin Martin say about the ways of “gentleman” warfare? Verdict The film follows the story of Benjamin Martin, who reluctantly joins the American Revolution in order to save his family. What does “fixing the flag” say about the character of Gabriel?