In the Weeks Leading up to Your First Time Flying Internationally. We make domestic to international flights fairly frequently and don't do anything special in terms of arriving for our flights.We usually have at least one bag to check, so our passports will be checked at that point, again going thru TSA (as we use them for ID's), and then again when we are boarding the international flight.We don't need to use them for the domestic portion. Check your passport. If you mentioned flying to Dublin to the person on the phone they may have assumed you were on the direct flight ATL-DUB which would go from International but you mention a change in JFK which would be two different flights with the first one being a domestic flight from the domestic terminal They will check your passport at that point**, and any visas that your eventual destination requires, but that only adds seconds to the process so you can ignore it in your planning.

In my experience*, checking in for a domestic flight is the same whether one is connecting to an international flight, connecting to another domestic flight, or flying non-stop to one's destination. That gives you plenty of time to check your bag(s), get through security and a coffee/cold drink. First and foremost (even before you book your flight), check that your passport is all in order and valid.

1. Air Travel - Domestic layover on an international flight - Hi Everyone, I'm new here and have a silly question that I hope the experience travelers can answer. Here’s a quick checklist to consider before your first time flying internationally. Based on the fact that your trip is starting domestic, simply follow the normal suggested 2 hour window.