Though you may not all Alt codes at least you can get most of them using these ways.

The keyboard hardware sends different key signals. ASCII nonprinting control characters. Common diacritical character codes. When editing documents in Word, sometimes we can insert some graphic symbols to make the content more intuitive and lively, like arrows with different shapes and directions. 1 st Method: Using Insert Symbols. [see Apple Computer Keyboards Gallery] Enter ⎆. Reply. I. This method involves using the symbols dialog box located in the symbols area at the right border of the insert tab. I want to replace the words "View full profile" with the words "View full profile" plus 3 enter symbols. On PC/Windows keyboards, they are both … One of the benefits of using an application like Word is that you can add more than just words to your document–you aren’t constrained by what you can type. 1. I have a list of contact information in a Word document. 3. Harish. Enter ⌤ This is the enter key on number pad. "View full Profile" is the last sentence after each contact. If you’ve used access keys to save time on Word for desktop computers, you’ll find access keys very similar in Word for the web. Some Unicode symbols used to represent the Enter key on keyboards: ↵ DOWNWARDS ARROW WITH CORNER LEFTWARDS ⏎ RETURN SYMBOL ↩ LEFTWARDS ARROW WITH HOOK ⌤ UP ARROWHEAD BETWEEN TWO HORIZONTAL BARS (old-name: ENTER KEY) I took a quick survey of keyboards to see what graphics symbol … Last updated: 2017-06-03. In addition to inserting things like images and shapes, you can insert symbols and special characters into your document. For example, on Microsoft Word enter 2721 and then press Alt and X to convert it in to a star . Since they can’t be typed directly like numbers and characters, here I’d like to introduce 3 common used ways to insert arrows in Word. Insert a Symbol in Word- Instructions and Video Lesson: A picture of a user adding a symbol to a document using the “Symbol” dialog box in Word. Let’s have a look. Insert a Symbol in Word- Instructions and Video Lesson: A picture of a user adding a symbol to a document using the “Symbol” dialog box in Word. April 25, 2016 at 2:56 AM . This symbol is used by Apple. Using find and replace, how do I do this. Below are steps to insert symbols in word using Insert Symbols.. In Symbol tab of the popping out window, choose the Font as normal text, from as Unicode (hex) and change Subset to Mathematical Operators.. You’ll find many mathematical symbols here including approximately equal symbol, not equal symbol, greater than or equal to symbol, less than or equal to symbol in the list. Dort angelangt tippen Sie einmal charmap in die kleine Box ein und bestätigen die Eingabe, woraufhin sich eine neues Fenster öffnet, dass alle Sonderzeichen für Sie bereitstellt. Click Symbol button and choose More symbols in the menu. This is unicode symbol named ENTER SYMBOL. The method 1 and method 2 can also be applied in Microsoft Excel. Using the Symbol font: This method is very useful when you need to insert symbols rarely and it works only for Latin or Greek letters.. By Xah Lee. To insert a symbol: From the Insert tab, click Symbol.