The Meckering earthquake was associated with extensive surface rupture; a 37 km long arcuate complex of mainly dextral and reverse faults was created (Everingham et al., 1969, Gordon and Lewis, 1980). on the 14th October 1968, the small town of Meckering, about 130 km east of Perth, was destroyed by an earthquake. The magnitude 6.8 earthquake caused $2.2 million in property damage. The shallow fault was about 32 kilometres (20 mi) long around the western side of the town of Meckering. The Meckering Earthquake. The Meckering earthquake occurred within the Southwest. Meckering comprising granitoids … Oct 25, 2013 - Surface Rupture, Meckering, Australia Earthquake of October 14, 1968, Meckering, Australia. located within the Precambrian Yilgarn Craton, the bedrock at. Railway track damage caused by the 1968 Meckering Earthquake. In 1968, the small town of Meckering in the wheatbelt of Western Australia was devastated by a magnitude 6.5 earthquake. Although not the strongest earthquake in Australian history, it remains one of the most significant in terms of the damage to property and subsequent cultural upheaval. Online image. The earthquake occurred at 10:58:52 local time, with a moment magnitude of 6.5 and a maximum Mercalli intensity of IX (Violent). 366 The Effects af the Meckering Earthquake an Engineered Brick Structures I. the southwest of Western Australia (Doyle, 1971; Dentith and. The earthquake hazard poses the most serious intermediate term risk to the health, safety, and economic viability of many parts of the United States and throughout the world. Earthquake Environmental Effects (EEEs) identified in the source region of the 20th May 2016 intraplate moment magnitude (M w) 6.1 Petermann earthquake in Central Australia are described and classified using the Environmental Seismic Intensity (ESI-07) scale.EEEs include surface rupture, ground fissures and cracks, vegetation damage, rockfalls, and displaced (jumped) bedrock fragments. The Meckering earthquake occurred on the 14 October 1968. Both these services continued to operate until the closure of the hospital in 1939. Clroom resources search geoscience volcanoes and earthquakes the pacific volcano facts national geographic kids grades 5 6 tennant creek 1988 earthquake now Earthquakes Down Under A Rare But Real HazardEarthquake Broome May Have Released 100 Times More EnergyAustralia Has Many Earthquakes Every Week KidsnewsIs Australia At Risk Of Dangerous Earthquakes Scientific … Geologically the area is . Historic surface ruptures have commonly been complex multi-fault ruptures comprising dominantly reverse and minor strike-slip movements depending upon the azimuthal angle be-

When it comes to earthquakes, living in Australia is much safer than other parts of the world, as Australia is well away from tectonic plate boundaries where large earthquakes occur more frequently. Total damage amounted to $2.2 million with 20–28 injured. The 1968 Meckering earthquake (Ms 6.8) resulted in an extensive and complex pattern of surface faulting, comprising faults with a range of orientations with Reproduced with permission from Alice Snooke. 2 slides : acetate, col. ; 3 x 4 cm.

Australia records at least one magnitude 5 earthquake every year and a magnitude 6 approximately every ten years. Meckering farmer Doug Kelly was a child when the earthquake hit his community. As the earthquake struck at a busy time and at the town centre, a busy place more, damage and casualties happened then the previous 7.1 magnitude earthquake in 2010 than the 6.3 magnitude earthquake in 2011, more people were killed, a total 185 deaths and 2 …

This earthquake was particularly efficient in the generation of surface waves The magnitude of the Meckering earthquake was 6.9 on the Richter Scale making it one of the largest recorded in … Dan Jaksa and Hugh Glanville. From 1904 Meckering enjoyed the services of a local doctor and in 1920 a hospital was opened to cater for the surrounding areas. Australian earthquakes explained . HOW DO EARTHQUAKES AFFECT SOCIETY? Featherstone, 2003), see Figure 1.