Then there was the first of a dumbfounding series of confrontations.

Similar words: dumbfound , founded , confounded , founder , bounded , surrounded , profound , funded .

He stood dumbfounded and embarrassed. When he described the scene to Cynthia later that night, she was dumbfounded that he hadn't burst into the boudoir and exposed the bloodied corpse of the dead acting sheriff that she was certain was reposing behind the closed door. Now it was Adam who was dumbfounded as he stared in astonishment at the card in his hands. Jerome was dumbfounded at the double life his longtime chess partner had been leading.
The dumbfounding news of his deeds eventually reached the highest ranks in al-Sham State [78]and one day, while he was going about his usual tasks, the commander of the Turkish army entered his office in a state of extreme anger, which was most unusual for a man who was normally … I knew she was a strong woman, not just in battle, but even this showcase dumbfounded me. 2. He was too dumbfounded at first to take it all in. Examples of Dumbfounded in a sentence When my intelligent daughter announced she was going to marry a prison inmate, I was dumbfounded. The audience was dumbfounded when the singer walked on stage and then left without singing a word. All were dumbfounded and aghast.

Examples of dumbfounded in a sentence: 1. 3. We were dumbfounded at this rudeness and I got up and knelt on the clay floor. Sentence count:38+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-12-30Updated:2016-12-30 Synonym: dumbstricken , dumbstruck , dumfounded , flabbergasted , stupefied , thunderstruck .
Carmen took it dumbfounded and they walked away.