Note: I took the featured photo of the Dormition Abbey during the Jerusalem Festival of Light . Mount Zion, Jerusalem; Share; The monastic church- “the Dormition” is one of the most prominent churches in Jerusalem due to its size, beauty and location that overlooks the old city. Mount Zion guide starts with a map, Bible verses, and then we tour landmarks (King David’s Tomb, Room of the Last Supper, Dormition Abbey). All monks, whatever their place of residence or work, make their profession to Dormition. The abbey is located on the highest point of the Mount Zion and was built with a design akin to a fortress. Memories and hopes, ancient stories and visions are bound up with this hill – and leave their mark on our community. Times of worship and times of opening; Monastery Store and Coffee Shop; Pilgrims; Guests; Volunteers; Pictures. tel +972-2-5655-330 fax +972-2-5655-332. Here is also the novitiate, where the first monastic training and formation takes place. Read more. The property, together with the Dormition Abbey on Mt. The Dormition Abbey is where Mother Mary is believed to have breathed her last and is one of the important Pilgrim places in Jerusalem. Let’s begin! The Dormition Abbey, along with other Christian sites, has been the target of occasional vandalism as a form of price tag attack by extremist Israeli nationalist religious youths. Dormition Abbey on Mount Zion. 22 91000 Jerusalem Israel.

The bell tower and lead-covered cupola of Dormition tower noticeably over Mount Zion and mark the skyline of the Old City of Jerusalem from various directions. Dormition Abbey on Mount Zion is the home monastery of our community. Our main task is to take care of the sanctuary of the Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes. Tabgha Priory, Lake of Gennesaret. Dormition Abbey in pictures . Dormitio und Tabgha. It was named “Dormitio Beatae Mariae Virginis” or “Holy sleep of Virgin Mary”, and in short the “Dormition”. For many pilgrims and local Christians the German Marian shrine is one of the most important holy places in the whole land. In October 2012 and in May and June 2013 the abbey was vandalized with anti-Christian graffiti and insults in Hebrew. Here the Abbot lives as the superior of the entire community in Jerusalem, Tabgha and Hildesheim. Here come together also the most important operations … Dormition Abbey Mount Sion P.O.B.

The Dormition Abbey. For masses for pilgrims: For a talk or a meeting with a monk: Information for Guests. Mount Zion located just south of the Old City of Jerusalem, is for Jews, Christians and Muslims, for both those who think religiously and politically, a place dense with significance.