He was less of a hulking monstrosity so much as he was a sort of a crafty wiseass. The episode first aired on UPN on Saturday, September 21st, 1997. Cast (voices) Lou Ferrigno as The Hulk, Michael Donovan as Grey Hulk, Neal McDonough as Bruce Banner, Philece Sampler as Betty Ross, John Vernon as General Ross, Luke Perry as Rick Jones, Matt Frewer as Leader/ Samuel Sterns, Mark Hamill as Gargoyle, Cree Summer as She-Hulk Trivia This is the last episode with Rick Jones. Not only was he gray, but he was a completely different type of creature. It is the reason the Hulk wears purple pants. It was directed by Ron Myrick with a script written by Bob Forward. "Hulk of a Different Color" is the eighth episode of season one of the animated superhero fantasy series The Incredible Hulk and the fourteenth episode of the series overall. Since the Hulk first appeared all the way back in Incredible Hulk #1, written by Stan Lee and penciled by Jack Kirby in 1962, there have been a lot of changes to the character.

Originally, Stan Lee wanted the Hulk to be grey, but due to ink problems, the Hulk's color turned to green. Color harmony is the theory of combining colors in a fashion that is harmonious to the eye. The color has been synonymous with the character pretty much since Hulk’s inception in 1962, and it's really one of Ol’ Jade Jaws’s most defining characteristics.

But as any comic fan worth their poly-bagged, unopened copy of Superman v2 #75 knows, it hasn’t always been that way. Where they differ is the amount of radiation output both generate. 8 Versions Of The Hulk You Might Not Know About Bruce Banner has more personalities in his head than George R.R. When the Hulk debuted 55 years ago in Incredible Hulk #1 (a series that initially only lasted six issues!) While the Green Hulk always generates a certain amount of gamma radiation, the Red Hulk's energy output is significantly higher. This was explained by saying that the Grey Hulk was the original Hulk to appear when Banner first got hit by the Gamma Bomb. The different colors of the Incredible Hulk symbolize different things, and it's important to keep them straight. However, due to Banner's repeated use of gamma radiation projectors, the much better known/more common Hulk Green Hulk/Savage Hulk … Hulk of a Different Color: Season One Flashback - Duration: 1:00. acviking20 117,575 views 1:00 Evolution of Rick Jones (A-Bomb) in cartoons - … Notes& Trivia This episode is … It is the reason the original X-Men The Strongest There Is: Every Hulk Ever, Ranked He's the strongest there is, but there are so many versions of the Hulk: which is the strongest of them all?

by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Paul Reinman, he was not green but gray. In other words, what colors work well together. In battles against the Green Hulk, the Red Hulk's power would increase since the Green Hulk emits low-level gamma rays all the time. Martin.