These take a comma wherever they are in a sentence. 1. 15 comments. level 1. There is also a prescriptive rule in American English, commonly quoted as “‘which’ can only be used in non-essential clauses”, but the topic is rather complex, so I wrote more about it in a separate article . They are all correct. This thread is archived. "That being said" = "However" For the love of God, "That said," or "That being said" needs to be stricken from the language forever. 33% Upvoted. In that sentence I used a comma in the dialogue because I have a dialogue tag (Betty said). share . 2. Sort by. "I am going to the store," Betty said. Sometimes a comma is necessary after an introductory phrase. It's a marker for pseudo-erudition, and if you use it, I will find you and punch you in the face. save hide report. You wouldn't use a comma and a period together. Margie Wakeman Wells January 10, 2015 The Comma, The Quotation Mark 8 Comments. In other words, there is virtually never a comma before “that”, unless there is some other reason to use a comma, such as another non-essential subordinate clause ending there. …I will have to drop my argument, that being true. Mine were lovely even though I was really down and out sick with a throat “thing.” I think that, after almost three weeks, I am finally getting better. Other times, the comma is optional, and there are also times when a comma should not be used. "That being said" could be replaced with "That said" or "Having said that" without change of meaning. Can you say “froggy”? I hope your holidays were glorious. A Comma Before the Quote. Here’s a tip: Commas can be tricky, but they don’t have to trip you up. I am BACK!! …He had to have surgery, the leg being badly injured, on that same day.
best. As Alex says here, "that said" (as well as "that being said" or "having said that") can be used to introduce very different ideas. What I would like to add here is that when "that said" serves such a function, it is usually used with some other words that show the intended contrast. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. It is important to note that a comma should always be used if the sentence could be misinterpreted otherwise.