Ark: Survival Evolved was an early-access game on Steam for a long time, but it finally got a full release on the PC ... 2. 3.

Similar LEGO installations with the ideal of best 2-player games for PS4 are the two games LEGO Star Wars: the Force Awakens and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. 18 great couch multiplayer PS4 games to play with friends & family this Christmas. 10. 1.


… But Dimensions alone packs a whole bunch of characters from a wide variety of different universes into one seemingly unending reel of missions. The best split screen PS4 games in 2020. When the average seasonal kids movie can’t cut it, a colourful rampaging romp with size changing heroes ... 2. Knack II. Whether you’re in the mood for saving a city as a team of superheroes or want to make an island paradise the ultimate first-person playground together, the PS4 has plenty of co-operative multiplayer games sure to whet your appetite. WipEout Omega Collection. Play as LEGO people, like Batman, Harry Potter, Scooby-Do, and even the Simpsons!

Divinity: Original Sin. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. Here are the 10 best 2 player PS4 games – both online and local – that let you go at it as a duo. 3. PEGI 7 | Co-op, 2 player. Ark: Survival Evolved. Call of Duty: WWII. 5. 1.