The Battle of Palo Alto (May 8, 1846) was the first major engagement of the Mexican-American War. Battle of Palo Alto Battle of Palo Alto; Part of the Mexican-American War: Painting by Carl Nebel: Date: May 8, 1846: Location: near Brownsville, Texas: Result: United States victory Gen. Zachary Taylor defeat the enemy. Earlier, on April 23, Mexico had proclaimed a "defensive war" against the United States, which had annexed Texas.
Battle of Palo-Alto LCCN2003670127.tif 7,493 × 5,747; 123.37 MB Battle Palo Alto map.png 282 × 302; 161 KB Nebel Mexican War 01 Battle of Palo Alto.jpg 5,066 × 3,797; 3.27 MB The Battle of Palo Alto was the first of many U.S. victories during the Mexican-American War. The Matamoros to Point Isabel Road crossed the vast field on the western end. Natural Battlefield The prairie of Palo Alto was naturally suited for the first battle of the Mexican War. Battle of Palo Alto Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times. On May 8, 1846, United States and Mexican troops clashed on the prairie of Palo Alto. Battle of Palo Alto Blogs, Comments and Archive News on Although the Mexican army was significantly larger than the American force, American superiority in weapons and training carried the day. Battle of Palo Alto, (May 8, 1846), first clash in the Mexican War, fought at a small site in southeastern Texas about 9 miles (14.5 km) northeast of Matamoros, Mex. Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park preserves the site of this notable battle and provides an understanding of the causes, events, and consequences of the U.S.-Mexican War. The Battle of Palo Alto was fought May 8, 1846,during the early days of the Mexican-American War and saw Brig. The battle was the first in a two-year long war that changed the map of North America. Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park Search COVID-19 Update : To limit the spread of the coronavirus, attractions may be closed or have partial closures. The battle was a victory for the Americans and began a long series of defeats for the beleaguered Mexican Army. The low-lying, coastal prairie was surrounded by tree covered rises that inspired its Spanish name, "Tall Timber." Join cloud security leaders from Palo Alto Networks, The New Stack, AWS and Accenture to hear the latest findings on the current state of securing cloud native architectures, methodologies and much more. Webinar Series Cloud Security in a Distributed World. Mexican troops had crossed the Rio Grande to besiege Fort Brown and to threaten General Zachary Taylor’s supply centre. The battle of Palo Alto, the first major engagement of the Mexican War, was fought north of Brownsville on May 8, 1846, between American forces under Gen. Zachary Taylor and Mexican troops commanded by Gen. Mariano Arista.