Baotou is the world’s biggest supplier of rare earth minerals and it’s hell on Earth . Accounts of the tailings dam appeared in western media outlets after a visit in 2015 by British writers Tim Maughan, … Visit the Mongolian yurts, drink a bowl of warm milk tea, and enjoy eating mutton with your hands, which are all indispensable ways to experience the … Baogang Tailings Dam, also known as the Baotou Tailings Dam or Weikuang Dam, is a tailings dam in Inner Mongolia, China, on the outer ring of the city of Baotou, about 20 kilometres from the city centre.The dam is filled with tailings and waste slurry from nearby rare earth mineral refinery plants. There's a place in China's autonomous region of Inner Mongolia where a lake of toxic sludge has been forming for years, and it's only there because of the technology boom. Baotou City has successively won the titles of National Civilized City, Garden City, and National Excellent Tourist City. Baotou, China, Inner Mongolia Baotou, China: A toxic lake of mine and refinery tailings stretches for over 3.5 miles from Baogang Iron and Steel Corporation. The toxic “lake” at Baotu is ultimately a large tailings pond created by damming a river and flooding what was once farmland, and witnessing the scene left an indelible impression on Maughan. One ton of rare earth produces 75 ton of acidic waste water, a cocktail of acids, heavy metals, carcinogens and radioactive material at three times background radiation. This leisure capital situated on grassland well displays its charm with its natural resources and cultural assumptions. Back in 1950 Baotou had under 100,000 people. “It unfortunately has an extremely toxic tailings dam that’s actually known as the Baotou toxic lake, which is full of radioactive and heavy chemicals and unfortunately, sits about 200 miles from the upstream head waters of the Yellow River, an agriculture basin which 300 million people depend on,” Dr Wilson said. Baotou Pictures . And there’s no better place to understand China’s true sacrifice than the shores of Baotou toxic lake. The spike in worldwide demand for consumer tech goods has made people flock to the city. “If there was some kind of natural disaster or earthquake and that tailings dam was to … Photo: Toby Smith/Unknown Fields Attractions. The lake sits on the outer ring of the city of Baotou.