Sydney crime bosses, on the other hand, tend to look more like seasoned thugs. The mafia came to Australia with the Italian cane cutters who arrived in Queensland in the 1920s, and grew as the Italian population swelled with post-war migration. The mafia is a general term used to describe organised crime gangs of predominantly Italian ancestry around the world. Crime bosses grow rich on smuggling Australian wildlife to foreign black markets for pets. The former Comanchero bikie club figure and Hells Angel associate was aware he was a marked man, having survived a shooting weeks before his assassination when he was shot at in Sydney's west. Italian authorities have named two wealthy Australian businessmen, including a political donor, as the alleged local "capos" or bosses of a powerful international mafia network.. Organized crime has always been a problem, but as we move into 2012 some syndicates have exploded with profit and influence. From the 'foot soldiers' in the low level ranks right up to the top, 'Vic Pol' is engaged in criminal activity with the states top crime gangs. By ... because his lifestyle was bringing the crime organisation into disrepute. Criminal groups that used to follow illegal schemes have turned to more reliable forms of profit.
In a 33-year career with the Victoria Police, Murphy was charged with manslaughter, accused of an underworld murder, and was the subject of several corruption inquiries.

Whether we like it or not, crime is rooted in Australia's history. Twenty Crime Bosses - page 2 Murray Riley Riley has been selected as an example of police officers who broke the law while still in the force, and then left the job to become major criminals. Brian Murphy has been called Australia’s Dirty Harry, but just how dirty was he? From the Russian Mafia in Sydney to executives at big-time banks involved in money laundering, here are some of the most infamous Australian crime bosses: Fred “Paddles” Anderson. If there’s one boss to rule them all, it’s Fred “Paddles” Anderson. The state's so called top 10 'crime bosses' could easily be put away (incarcerated) if Vic Pol wanted to, and according to the Speaker of the House - Bronwyn Bishop - for "the safety of the people". There are certain people in the world that you don’t want to mess with, those who control some of the largest organized crime operations on the planet. These guys are the cream of the crop when it comes to Australian crime bosses, overseeing and commanding people all across New South Wales. Trust and confidence in all levels of Australian government is continuing to slide as calls intensify for the establishment of a national anti-corruption agency. ACS asks Murphy, face to face, whether he ever crossed the line – and did he have a green light from his bosses to enforce Murphy’s Law? Hitman says crime bosses ordered gay killer’s death.