The Augmented Labs are welding training and innovation centers that incorporate Augmented Reality simulation, whose aim is to train and certificate future professionals, so that they can join a labour market with great national and international demand. First accelerator program on the MIT campus will showcase 12 startups across a mix of gaming, virtual reality, esports, and augmented reality technologies. Play Labs announces first class of VR/AR/playful startups and demo session. Sure, you can pop your phone into a Google Cardboard and passively view an interesting experience or two. Our goal is to make true extended reality beautiful, easy to experience and deploy, a rich source of information, and have a positive impact on users through enabling bridging technologies between 3D artistic expression, web tech, AI, and ad tech. Intended for novices, this class puts students on the cutting edge of design and covers a wide range of topics including application development, 360° filming, and more. Augmented/Virtual Reality. The fields of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and 360° media development—collectively known as mixed reality—are growing rapidly. The possibilities are limitless. Bringing about change is difficult. According to a study in the Journal of Retailing, some shoppers research products before buying and others are more impulsive. June 27, 2017 MEDIUM Labs: creating a new reality MEDIUMLABS is a Virtual Reality production company located in downtown Boulder, Colorado that specializes in creating virtual and augmented reality apps, incredible 360º video, augmented reality video installations, mixed reality videos, and cutting-edge experiences. A singular focus. Augmented reality is an important part of the future of retail. Strong visual presentations can help guide purchasers toward your company or product. Brendan Scully is an Augmented Reality producer and currently CEO of Scully Creative Labs LLC based in Brooklyn, New York where he oversees a portfolio of internal and … Step into Augmentality Labs, and you immerse yourself in casting spells, blasting zombies, or exploring new worlds. But we will take you to the next level. Pineal Eye brings together work on 3D Art, Augmented Reality, Visual AI and Social Discovery. We’re fortunate to be working with established players in their fields and have the opportunity to focus on projects that help bring about a new era of virtual, augmented and mixed reality for generations to come.