14 minutes. Share. Cast. Whilst working in a museum Andy finds a portal and travels back in time to the age of the dinosaurs. 3 years and over. Information about Andy's Dinosaur Adventures.

Episode Duration. It also had a pretty impressive roar which Hatty has simulated in the museum using the trumpet of an elephant and the bark of a dog. Facebook; Twitter; Send this by. With Andy Day, Kate Copeland. Fetching watchlist. Andy travels back 65 million years to the time of Tyrannosaurus rex - Andy's favourite dinosaur of all time. When the CD of the sound effect gets damaged moments before the museum opens, Andy vows to fix the problem. Andy's Dinosaur Adventures. Show Summary. Email; Copy link; Get ready to go on a Dinosaur Adventure with Andy and Hatty.

Target Age. ABC Kids CHILDREN'S. Andy now works at the fictional National Museum in the Dinosaur Gallery with Hatty. After part of an exhibit is damaged or needs replacing, Andy travels back in time to age of Dinosaurs using the Old Museum Clock to find a replacement piece. Whilst working in a museum Andy finds a portal to the age of the dinosaurs. Video Share Options Share this on. Andy's Dinosaur Adventures (ADA) is a CBeebies television show starring Andy Day, it is the second series of Andy's Adventures. Go on a time-travel journey with Andy where he discovers all about pre-historic creatures in Andy's Dinosaur Adventures.