This is relevant for a private IP inside the same VNET, a peered VNET or an IP accessible via a VPN or Express Route.
By default, AKS clusters have unrestricted outbound (egress) internet access. When switched AKS from Basic Load Balancers to Standard after #643 became GA I'm getting a strange public IP with tag type:aks-slb-managed-outbound-ip and it creates a backend pool in the public load balancer named aksOutboundBackendPool.. This public IP address is only valid for the lifespan of that resource. This level of network access allows nodes and services you run to access external resources as needed. What happens if a pod in AKS initiates a connection with a private endpoint? Every now and then we get the question on how to lock down ingoing to and outgoing traffic from a kubernetes cluster in azure. For outbound flow, Azure translates it to the first public IP address configured on the load balancer. I have Firewall Appliance between the AKS cluster and on-premises in which I want to apply different allow/deny rules to. Locking Down Application Access in AKS ... you do not need to use any internal IP's. If you delete the Kubernetes LoadBalancer service, the associated load balancer and IP address are also deleted. Please provide any documentation related to this. Copy link Quote reply Member slack commented Feb 15, 2018.

Currently per Microsoft documentation you can set a static IP address on the resource group of the kubernetes service. Viewed 1k times 2. Active 1 year, 2 months ago. Problem with this is if you delete the resource group / cluster then the static IP address is also gone. Ask Question Asked 1 year, 10 months ago. One option that can be … I have an AKS deployed to a Virtual Network that is connected to on-premises environment. maniSbindra changed the title external public IP of outbound traffic from POD external public IP of outbound traffic from POD in AKS cluster Feb 15, 2018. slack added question networking labels Feb 15, 2018. It becomes a second public IP to this load balancer as the other is created by my service. If you wish to restrict egress traffic, a limited number of ports and addresses must be accessible to maintain healthy cluster maintenance tasks. In general, the private IP of the VM is used as an outbound private IP.
Azure AKS static IP Address. Which private IP address does the outbound connection uses? Today in AKS the outbound IP Address is always the first Frontend IP Address for the internal load balancer which makes it impossible to identify each service independently.