Disney's CEO, Hollywood actors, and film companies are threatening to boycott Georgia over an abortion law. Live Action’s video is, of course, not the anti-abortion movement’s first attempt at misleading the public into thinking Planned Parenthood has a secret agenda. Thousands of innocent unborn children are torn to pieces every day in the U.S. because most people simply don't know what abortion actually does. Live Action Films is a youth led human rights movement dedicated to the respect and protection of all human life including the unborn. Films like Unplanned and group s like And Then There Were None and Live Action make that truth available to millions. Live Action released similarly deceptive videos in 2012, and in the summer of 2015, the Center for Medical Progress released heavily edited videos about the organization as well. Live Action is an American anti-abortion organization founded in 2003 by then 15 year-old Lila Rose. Now, he's revealing what actually happens during a second trimester abortion procedure. Live Action is known for its undercover videos taken at Planned Parenthood clinics. That is an essential service to the global conversation about abortion. The anti-abortion activist group Live Action released two videos this week of Planned Parenthood staffers discussing sex-selective abortions with actors posing as patients, but a side-by-side analysis of one of the edited videos and the original, unedited version of it shows that parts of the conversation were strategically omitted in order to implicate the family planning provider. This doctor has performed over 1,200 abortions. Live Action President, Lila Rose, fires back at the "Shout Your Abortion” activist who created a “Kids Meet” video to tell children that abortion is good. Simple Best-in-class visual analytics, proactive alerts, dynamic workflows integrated into dashboards, easy drilldowns from topology to application-level. LiveAction is the only solution that bridges the gap between your legacy network monitoring tools and your modern network on a single platform. With the exception of the final scene (a second-trimester fetus), all of the video you will see depicts children who were killed during first-trimester abortions. This video is not pleasant, but it must be seen.