This entry was posted in Books and tagged book, economics, futurism, information economy, jaron lanier, lanier, review, summary, synopsis, technology, who owns the future book, who owns the future? Who Owns The Future? There’s surely a lot going on inside the brain of Jaron Lanier. is the new masterwork from the prophet of the digital age, Jaron Lanier, author of You Are Not A Gadget.In the past, a revolution in production, such as the industrial revolution, generally increased the wealth and freedom of people. Although I’m not sure that I read the same summary that you did, because I’m using a Windows phone these days. Still, this books is by The Book Reporter. The writing is a bit polemical and long-winded.

Who Owns the Future? explains what’s wrong with the current way the information economy works, and why it’s destroying more jobs than it’s creating. Peter Barnes draws on his personal experience as a successful entrepreneur to offer Who Owns the Future? Key idea 1 of 9 New technologies typically grow the economy, but this is not the case with the internet.
Following a data value framework established by And why do they?

is not an easy read. Scientist, Musician, Visual Artist, Author of Who Owns the Future?

Lanier: So I might start by noting that I dispute the summary of this talk that I read in the program. Who owns your data? In this article, I consider various stakeholder claims to data ownership and the value generated by data, through a political economy lens. by Jaron Lanier; Big Data by Victor Mayer-Schönberger and Kenneth Cukier – review Two views of the internet information explosion offer starkly contrasted visions of the future Who Owns the Future? Who Owns the Sky? Who Owns the Future? Quotes Showing 1-30 of 30 “Here’s a current example of the challenge we face. Kind of hard to get a good grasp of the ideas inside.
is a remarkable look at the future of our economy, one in which we can retain capitalism's virtues while mitigating its vices.