Photo: Cascadia High-Speed Rail Portland to Vancouver in two hours – by high-speed rail A high-speed rail linking Vancouver, Seattle and Portland has the potential to unlock US$355 billion in economic growth and 160,000 new permanent jobs throughout the Cascadia region, according to a new study submitted to Washington’s state legislature. The Washington Department of Transportation estimates that a high-speed rail connecting Portland, Ore., Seattle, and Vancouver, B.C. would spark $335 billion in economic growth in the region. High-speed rail linking Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland to cost up to US$42 billion: study Surrey could be the location of Metro Vancouver’s station for high-speed rail to Seattle Many wonder exactly what the purpose of such an expensive endeavor would be, or more so what the impact on either metropolitan industries … RELATED: High-speed rail link would run from Vancouver to Seattle in under 1 hour: study But Matkin highlights the train does appear to be cost effective at an estimated $42 billion USD, versus the cost of building one extra lane on the I-5 in each direction at around $108 billion USD. Cascadia Rail and its members envision a new high-speed train network connecting Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, and Vancouver, Canada with … Proposals are due March 2, 2020. A study done what it would cost to build a high-speed-rail between Vancouver, Seattle and Portland puts the figure at around $42 billion USD. Study overview WSDOT is studying how ultra-high-speed ground transportation (UHSGT) might serve as a catalyst to transform the Pacific Northwest. A single high-speed core line between Toronto and Montreal could cut travel times between Toronto, Peterborough, Kingston, Ottawa and Montreal enormously. “This study is part of the necessary good work that’s being done to give us a clearer picture of the feasibility of ultra-high-speed rail service between British … Paul Langan, the President has over 25 yrs of experience in passenger rail advocacy and promoting high speed rail in Canada. VANCOUVER—A proposed high-speed rail link connecting Vancouver, Seattle and Portland would cut the travel time between each city to under an hour and …

A stronger, better connected economic megaregion — stretching from For many, high-speed rail is a panacea that promises to solve all of our transportation and environmental problems. In early 2018, Washington State pledged money to studying ultra-high speed rail between Vancouver BC, Seattle, and Portland With 250 mph (400 km/h) speed operation. Listen to the promoters and you would think the Vancouver-to-Seattle-to-Portland high-speed rail proposal is a great idea.

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After a preliminary study, the state pledged $300,000 in funding and was shortly backed by British Columbia. The study is estimated to be completed by early 2019. Cost of Proposed High-Speed Rail Connecting Vancouver-Seattle-Portland Would Be $42 Billion Pacific Northwest High-Speed Rail: Where Will B.C.’s Stop(s) Be Located?