seems like singed's passive does not have cooldown on mordekaiser's ghost.

Uses tree logic for determining player states and upcoming tasks as well as automates GE sales to increase return on player investment whilst maximizing efficient play styles.

singe (something) to burn the surface of something slightly, usually by mistake; to be burnt in this way He singed his hair as he tried to light his cigarette. A child prodigy, he taught himself the ways of chem-tech and biological experimentation, constantly testing the boundaries of conventional science.

Singed's new passive Noxious Slipstream makes this very easy. the smell of singeing fur; Sparks burned holes in my shirt and the fire singed my sleeve.

Passive Herblore An automated herblore training bot for Old School RuneScape using the RuneMate client. Singed build guides on MOBAFire. [Old] The Toxic Jungler. ... AP and a good damage coming from the Spellblade Passive.-A risky item on Singed would be Liandry's Torment as it would be when you're really ahead. It happens with many, of not most, of the old remodels at 975 RP. Singed is a fairly good initiator, especially with Righteous Glory. You should start the fight by first making sure you're durable enough to start it, and then running in and using Poison Trail on everyone you can. -(active) Singed causes the chemical reagents in the air to react violently, dealing 100/150/200/250/300 + (80% AP) magic damage to all enemies under the effects of his other abilities, and blinding/silencing them for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds. Singed is a deranged chemist from Zaun who is as brilliant as he is amoral. League of Legends Premiere Singed Strategy Builds and Tools. Being a disguised bee himself it would explain even the wings from the passive. -(passive) Singed’s chemical fumes intensify his focus, increasing his mana regen by ½/¾/5 per second.