Norman Osborn was the owner of Oscorp Industries, along with his assistant Wardell Stromm.

He’s the savior of scrap cars, customizing them into award-winning vintage machines at his shop, Green Goblin Customs. In this alternate plane known to fans as the MC2 universe, Normie's role as an evil Goblin was short-lived after being converted by May Parker -- aka, Spider-Girl . Green Goblin (real name Norman Virgil Osborn ) is a fictional supervillain from Marvel Comics. They were roommates for a time, during which Harry encountered occasional problems with drugs. Norman Osborn was the C.E.O. of OsCorp and the villain known as the Green Goblin. Norman Osborn Harry Osborn (Currently without an alias) Bart Hamilton (Currently Green Goblin) Phil Urich (Currently deceased) Green Goblin V (Currently deceased) Edit this description Green Goblin's Comics Others Green Goblin Actor (Actor) Normie Osborn Peter Parker Gwen Stacy Gwen Stacy became Green Goblin (Earth-3109) Spider-Clan Land of the Spider-Clan (Earth-7122) Dmitri … Norman Osborn is an amoral industrialist head of OsCorp and the father of Harry.

Norman Osborn IS the Green Goblin.

Legacy Character: He was the first Green Goblin but his son and a few other people took up the mantle over the years. Harry Osborn was the son of wealthy industrialist, Norman Osborn, the original Green Goblin. Origin Edit. It's interesting how Green Goblin's legacy diminishes through the generations. Bad Chad Customs is the new Discovery Channel show that premiered on January 1, 2019.It takes us into the world of master car artist Chad Hiltz, aka Bad Chad. He makes his first and only appearance in the Spider-Man animated series, Spider-Man Unlimited.This time the man behind the mask is not Norman Osborn nor his son Harry but a man named Hector Jones. Norman Osborn (a.k.a. Norman Osborn, or better known as the Green Goblin, is one of the two main antagonists (the other is Tombstone) of the animated TV series The Spectacular Spider-Man. RELATED: 10 Best Spider-Man Vs Green Goblin Fights, Ranked Green Goblin : [lands in front of Spider-Man on a rooftop] Wake up little spider, no you're not dead yet just paralysed. He was also Spider-Man's arch-enemy, greatest foe, and the one who's responsible for the disappearance of Mary Jane Watson. He had a decent childhood until Amberson lost … Norman's son Harry Osborn later took up the identity of Green Goblin. In 2000's Revenge Of The Green Goblin, Norman realizes that it's Peter, not his own underachieving son Harry, who embodies many of the same traits in himself that he values - intelligence, determination, self-made - and so resolves to coax Peter into becoming his heir. Edit Harry is the son of industrialist Norman Osborn and his wife Emily. You and I are not so different. They were roommates for a time, during which Harry encountered occasional problems with drugs. Green Goblin is the divergent personality of industrialist Norman Osborn. He is the founder and CEO of Oscorp Industries and the father of Harry Osborn.