Train with intent and make every rep count. Find a deficit of 20-30% and the fat will fall from your frame. #2. Chadwell has designed a balanced, 7-day plan that will put you on the path to creating a safe calorie deficit, allowing you to lose one to two pounds … To lose fat, you have to boost your metabolism and burn fat while you rest. Throwing needless extra sets into a 7-day workout plan to lose weight won’t make it any more effective… but it can grind you into the ground if you work too hard.

Do the same workout you did on Monday and Thursday. Ah, rest day—you've earned it. Grab some friends and head to an indoor cycling studio, or sign up for the... Saturday: Total-Body Strength Training. A 7-Day Weight-Loss Workout Plan Friday: High-Intensity Group Fitness Class. 7 Day Weight Loss Exercise Guide Cardio is not the best fat loss workout routine. Sunday: Rest Day. Strength and interval workouts … The Plan: 7 Elliptical Workouts for Weight Loss Kennihan's seven-day plan is perfect for beginners: It starts off with just 20 minutes of elliptical work, changing up the resistance throughout the workout to boost your calorie burn.